Trump ‘global gag rule’ revival is set to hit Planned Parenthood hard

A rule revived by the Trump administration gutting funding for organizations that perform or promote abortions abroad could cost Planned Parenthood around $100 million in funding, according to analysis by the New York Times. It’s the latest indication that White House efforts to hinder reproductive justice work are hitting the well-known non-profit health organization.

According to a State Department report on Tuesday, four organizations working internationally (along with dozens of their regional partners) have rejected rules reintroduced by the Trump administration requiring health care funding recipients to eschew any connection to abortion. The White House argues that number is relatively small — of the 733 organizations with funding up for renewal, the government says 729 accepted the new stipulations laid out by President Trump.

But those that opted out will be hit hard. While the organizations that declined to go along with Trump’s mandate remained unnamed in the State Department report, both Marie Stopes International (based in London) and the International Planned Parenthood Foundation have publicly said they will decline. According to the Times, Marie Stopes works in 37 countries and will lose out on $80 million, while Planned Parenthood, active in over 170 countries with 29 impacted by the ban, will likely see a $100 million loss.

The United States serves as the world’s biggest source of health funding, providing around $8.8 billion in global assistance annually. Officials said that money declined by the four organizations would go to others providing similar services, but were unable to speak to the long-term impact the funding stipulations might have globally.

“It is too early to analyze systematically what effect, if any, this will have on programming,” the report reads. “When a partner declines to agree to the policy and the department or agency reprograms funds to other organizations, the amount of funding directed to respective recipient countries will remain the same.”

Author: E.A. Crunden


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