Trump says McCabe memos don’t exist, unless they do, in which case they are ‘Fake Memos’

Former FBI director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by attorney general Jeff Sessions only 48 hours before McCabe was due to retire, kept “personal memos detailing interactions with President Donald Trump,” according to the Associated Press.

Trump, who called McCabe’s firing “a great day for Democracy,” responded to reports of these memos in characteristic fashion,  with a tweet:

“Can we call them Fake Memos?” the president (rhetorically?) asks his 49.2 million Twitter followers early Sunday morning. It remains to be seen if the special counsel’s office, which the AP reports has obtained these notes, will refer to the documents by Trump’s moniker of choice.

Trump claims that the memos — which for the purposes of this hypothetical do exist, though again Trump doubts their very existence; do with that brain-teaser what you will — were made only to “help [McCabe’s] own agenda, probably at a later date.”

The AP reports that the McCabe memos “are similar to the notes compiled by dismissed FBI chief James Comey. They could factor into the special counsel’s investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia.”

Sunday morning’s tweets come less than a day after Trump tweeted that McCabe’s firing was politically motivated.

Author: Jessica M. Goldstein


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