Bernie Keeps Shíttíng On The Media & It’s Glorious

Bernie Keeps Shíttíng On The Media & It's Glorious

On the first episode of his new podcast “Deconstructed,” The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan sits down with former presidential candidate and independent Sen. Bernie Sanders to talk poverty, inequality, media bias, and the 2020 presidential election.

Sanders is fresh off a Facebook town hall with Sen. Elizabeth Warren and filmmaker Michael Moore that was viewed live by nearly 2 million people. He and Mehdi dig into the challenges facing the Democratic Party, how the left can connect with Trump voters, and whether Trump firing Mueller would be an impeachable offense (Bernie’s answer? Yes). Sanders ends with a warning to Democrats: “Anyone who thinks Trump cannot win a re-election is just not looking at reality. He can. That doesn’t mean he will. And I think there’s a good chance he could be stopped. But anyone who just sits back and says, ‘Hey, no problem, come 2020 Trump is gone’ — that would be a big mistake.”

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