DNC votes unanimously to no longer accept money from fossil fuel companies

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has voted unanimously to ban contributions from fossil fuel companies, in a victory for activists and environmental advocates.

Following a vote over the weekend, the DNC will no longer accept donations from corporate political action committees (PAC) associated with oil, gas, and coal companies, HuffPost first reported Tuesday. The political organization reportedly adopted a resolution put forward by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The resolution calls for banning all “corporate PAC contributions from the fossil fuel industry that conflict with our DNC Platform” in the name of encouraging Democrats “to walk our talk in harmony with our stated beliefs and convictions.”

According to HuffPost, the DNC will also consider banning contributions of over $200 from donors employed by the fossil fuel industry. That vote will take place in August during a board meeting in Chicago.

Author: E.A. Crunden


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