Russian and American Christian fundamentalists join forces to further their shared agenda

CHISINAU, MOLDOVA — In a region defined by its relations with Russia, Moldova doesn’t garner the international headlines other former Soviet republics, like Ukraine and Georgia, can command.

But this week, eyes are on Moldova as its capital city hosts a conference gathering some of the foremost Russian and American Christian fundamentalists, all of whom look to the Kremlin as their lodestar.

The conference is organized by the World Congress of Families (WCF), the most prominent Russian-American Religious Right group extant, and widely considered one of the foremost anti-LGBTQ organizations in the world. Among those slated to speak in Chisinau are the Vatican secretary of state, the deputy chair of the Russian Duma, and the wife of a prominent, and sanctioned, Russian oligarch — as well as Moldovan President Igor Dodon himself.

“Being the leader of the country, in which for many centuries Christianity played a key part, I tend to support all initiatives related to the the unification of society and its return to true values, written in the Bible,” Dodon, who did not respond to ThinkProgress’ interview requests, said in a statement.

Author: Casey Michel


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